We work closely with brands who are looking for a celebrity ambassador or face for a product, service, launch or social media campaign. We ensure that both the brand and celebrity are comfortable with the fit in order to nurture a long term working relationship. The end results are effective and mutually beneficial brand partnerships which just work.

We also specialise in providing celebrities for events, product launches and social media campaigns.


We have worked with major clients on red carpet events such as film premieres, galas, awards and exclusive celebrity parties in conjunction with national media.

We can work with any budget to provide a bespoke service and make your event an unforgettable one. We can also ensure celebrity attendance at your event which in turn will generate press and give your guests an exciting and unique experience.

We also add polish and quality by managing gifting lounges where high end brands gift celebrities and guest VIPs. We can also provide bespoke goody bags and due to our extensive contacts, we are able to source items for celebrities according to their unique requirements.


Our media team is full of whizz kids and internet aficionados who specialise in social media management.

We oversee entire social media campaigns in addition to the day to day running of accounts. We work closely with our clients to create a style of language and communication which most aptly conveys the desired image. We ensure the structure and regularity of posts by utilising a technique which allows us to prepare posts days in advance and specify automated times for posting,
e.g peak Facebook and Twitter traffic. This way, a consistent rhythm is formed and our client’s social networks are always controlled.


Our media team also boasts filmmakers, photographers and print and web designers. As such, we are able to supply our clients with first class film, photography and design work for any campaign.

We also direct photoshoots, make films, commercials, online video content and websites to maximize the effect of any celebrity campaign.